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Cancellation Terms and Conditions

Tour programs booked and subsequently cancelled due to any other reasons are subjected to certain cancellation charges as follows:

  • Within 21 days 10% of the rates
  • Within 14 days 15% of the rates
  • Within 7 days 30% of the rates
  • Less than 7 days 50 % of the rates
  • After arrival in the Bhutan 100% of the rates

If you want to cancel your tour after making payments then we will have to make refunds after deducting the above mentioned charges. To make refunds in foreign currency, we have to seek approval from our central bank Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan. Once we are done with this we need to ask Tourism council of Bhutan to make the refunds, as the payment is initially made to them and will be with them since your tour has not yet begun. Therefore this process of refund could take some time especially during busy season.

And ones you transfer the payment be it in US$, Euro or Sterling it will be booked in the name of  Karmics Best Odyssey in local currency at the prevailing rate of exchange. If there’s significant fluctuation in exchange rate from the date of transfer and on the day of transfer of the funds, we reserve the rights to refund the equivalent value of local money  received by us.

Therefore we ask you to get insurance coverage to cover the risk of cancellation due to medical or health or any such other reasons.