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We will apply for your visa, once your funds has arrived and notified to us in Bhutan but you will need to fill in some personal details just the way shown in your passport including your name , permanent address, occupation, nationality, date and place of birth, along with your passport number .
Your passport needs to have validity of at least 6 months calculated from the date on which you leave to Bhutan. Visas are usually authorized in a month before your trip upon receiving full payment at that point.
We will send you a copy of the confirmation of the approval of your visa and you will have to carry it all the time, keep it handy because you will also have to show it to our Druk air custom officer, before you get your original visa stamped on your passport. Please make sure to carry this copy of visa to avoid disappointment of any sort.


Payment for your trip should be made in US$ to Bhutan National Bank, in the account of Tourism Council of Bhutan through standard chartered bank in New York, mentioning us as the ultimate beneficiary of the funds.
We will provide you with the information needed to make the transfer once you decide to travel to Bhutan with us. And please make sure you don’t make payment by credit card as it will initially be deposited with the government account in order to get your visa approved. We will ask for payment 90 days in advance of the tour to give us plenty of time to finalize your booking. But if you are visiting during peak season than you will need to send payment as early as 6 months or beforehand to confirm your flight tickets.
Although we ask to make payments in US$, it is also possible to make the payment in sterling via Standard Chartered Bank in London or in Euros via Standard Chartered Bank in Frankfurt and once we receive the confirmation of your payment from the bank ,we will send you a copy of the receipt. For more details with regard to the payments, you can contact us.


Feel secured as your payment is initially deposited in governments account and will not be released to us (Karmic’s Best Odyssey) until your departure, which means after your tour. But if you happen to cancel your trip to Bhutan because of any unforeseen circumstances, it will then be subjected to cancellation charges as per the norms of our country. So in the unlikely event that we do not organise your trip, our government can always refund you.
Payments sent in US$ are routed through Standard Chartered Bank in New York as an intermediary bank and from there the funds are transferred to the government account (Tourism Council of Bhutan),which is maintained with Bhutan National Bank. Therefore mention Karmic’s Best Odyssey as the ultimate beneficiary of the funds.

***Citibank (111 wall st, 19th fl, New York City, NY 10043),
Account of Bhutan National Bank (ABA No 0210-0008-9, account No 36023474, Swift Code
Citius 33, Chips Routing No 008).

Note: The name of the tour operator should be stated as the ‘beneficiary’.***


Discounts are available for the following groups of traveler;

  • Children up to the age of 5years can travel for free
  • Children from age 6-10 years accompanied by their guardians are given 50%discount on the daily tariff.
  • Students below the age of12-25 years holding a valid identity card from their academic institutions are given 25% discount on the royalty.
  • 50% discounts on the tour price is given to a person in a group of 11-15.
  • 100% discounts will be given on the tour price to a member in a group consists of 16 person and more.

And for longer stay we offer you discounted rate after the 9th night and further from the 15th night depending on the number of people in a group.

*The long stay discount does not apply to those with the above mentioned discount.

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